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Complaint-proof your advertisements from misleading claims and misleading endorsements. 

Are you geared up to audit and clean up your advertisements?

Advertisers, advertising agencies, endorsers (celebrities and influencers) - time to get your house in order. 

Don't get caught on the wrong foot by the Central Counsumer Protection Council CCPA

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IELTS Cue Card Jan-April 2023

For students preparing for IELTS 2023, AdExpert Shweta provides tips on how to break down a complex looking task to simple steps ! These tips are very useful for students appearing for IELTS Speaking test and for cue card January to April 2023. We talk about a topic on the cue card describe an advertisement that you don't like (describe an advertisement that you dislike)  #ielts #ieltsspeaking #advertisementthatyoudontlike

Social Media Influencer Guidelines January 21, 2023

AdExpert Shweta Purandare in a Zee Business interview 

Big shift in influencer marketing landscape! It was an interesting discussion hosted by Deepak Doval Watch now for guidance on advertising compliance and due diligence by celebrities and influencers.

#influencerguidelines #AdExpert #endorsementknowhow

CCPA Guidelines June 9, 2022

Advertising Compliance Expert Shweta Purandare provides her sharp insights and interpretations of the new guidelines on prevention of misleading advertisements and misleading endorsements.

#CCPA #misleadingads #adreview

Get all your queries about - what are advertising regulations, what rules are to be followed for advertising, who controls online advertising - answered by Shweta Purandare  - Founder of Tap-a-Gain. 

Vigyapan kaise likhen

क्या आप स्कूल / विद्यालयके छात्र हैं?

क्या आपको विज्ञापन लिखने में मदद चाहिए? विशेषज्ञ से मार्गदर्शन प्राप्त करें| नि: शुल्क सुझाव, वास्तविक मामले का अध्ययन, नमूना विज्ञापन अवधारणाएं, विज्ञापन मूल्यांकन

Complaint on Advertisment?

Has any one challenged your advertisement ? Received complaint from Advertising Standards Council of India ASCI, CCPA, FSSAI, FDA, NGO?

We help you strategise the way out and provide options to choose the most pragmatic one. 

Product Endorsement Ideas?

Product endorsements are powerful; However, you need a thought through approach to avoid any potential issues. We have the expertise to guide you through. 

Social Media Marketing ?

Rules for Social Media / Digital marketing are no different than the conventional media. We help you navigate the complexities to help keep your marketing communication safe.

Are you wondering about advertising regulations and who are the regulators for advertisements ?  

Has your advertisement been challenged by competition ? 

Have you received a complaint from the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI)  and you are looking for guidance on the next steps ? 

Are you a small business and looking for a external consultant to advise you on regulatory compliance for advertising ?

Are you a celebrity or an influencer looking for professional advice on Social Media communication ?

You have reached the right destination ! 

Tap-a-Gain consultancy services has you covered. You are in safe hands with our Founder Shweta Purandare, who has over 30 years of industry experience. She also served as the ASCI Secretary General and is the subject matter expert

We provide freelance consultancy to advertisers and advertising agencies. We look at all formats of advertising such as TV, print , OOH as well as Digital marketing and Social Media marketing communication.

We help defend your advertising communication and conduct audits for your advertisements to proactively address potential issues. 

We conduct customised interactive training program to familiarise your marketing, regulatory, R&D teams team on advertising regulatory requirements and ASCI codes 

Complaint-proof your advertisements NOW - Send us a WhatsApp for queries today. Because, it is better to be prepared than face a crisis!  

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Whole Wheat 50% or more

Multi Grains 20% or more

Garlic 2% or more

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