About Us

Shweta Purandare is a YouTuber in the advertising niche. With her AdExpert YouTube channel, she regularly brings out advertisement analysis, advertisement reaction videos, ad roasts. Her videos are interesting as they are in a unique niche providing edu-tainment for advertising and communication professionals, educational videos for students of advertising as well as informative videos for ordinary consumers. Utilising the expertise and experience gained over 30 years, she provides consultancy on a range of projects. Reach out for requests on collaboration for YouTube content, advertising due diligence, Social Media advertising compliance audits, defending advertising claims in case of complaints against misleading advertisements, crisis management communication.

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Expertise, Experience, Excellence

Tap-a-Gain was founded by Shweta Purandare in 2012. Utilising the expertise and experience gained over 30 years during her stellar career, she is now providing consultancy services on a range of projects.

Key focus areas -

  • Advertising and related Regulatory compliance,

  • Due Diligence for Celebrity endorsement

  • Due Diligence for Influencer advertising,

  • Digital and Social Media Compliance,

  • Claim Substantiation approach,

  • Corporate Communication and Social Media content strategy,

  • Grievance redressal support

Ms Purandare would also be happy to conduct customized trainings for marketing, regulatory, R&D teams for the same.

With such vast and multi-dimensional experience in the industry, we know all the right ways to get your advertising communication right the first time. Together, let's tap into creativity for breakthrough advertising claims, yet be unhindered by any challenges.

Depending on which side of the table you are - either a marketer OR a regulatory agency OR an Industry Association OR a self regulatory organization OR a Consumer Protection agency - we provide customized services to the unique problems you may be facing.