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January 25, 2023

“In my opinion, gender neutral variant is just old wine (erstwhile unisex) in a new bottle ‘packaged and labelled’ to ride on the gender inclusivity wave. I am sure it will co-exist and thrive with the gender specific variants; and if it smells divine, why complain?”,” said Shweta Purandare, Advertising Compliance Expert and YouTuber

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New India influencer guidelines and what they mean

January 24, 2023

Celebrities are likely to be less affected than ‘ordinary’ influencers by a post being flagged as “star appeal overpowers content” said Shweta Purandare, Advertising Compliance Expert and YouTuber

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January 23, 2023

“In my opinion, these Influencer guidelines could ‘dilute the influence’ of influencers because a hashtag “#AD” is a giveaway that these influencers were paid to churn out the posts. Celebrities on the other hand may not be affected as much because the star appeal overpowers content. However, the requirement of due diligence and having experienced the product themselves will fatten their contract and endorsement package,” said Shweta Purandare, Advertising Compliance Expert and YouTuber

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Zee Business

January 21, 2023

Department of Consumer Affairs has released "Endorsement Know How's" - i.e. guidelines for social media influencers. Advertising Expert Shweta Purandare was one of the special guests on the Zee Business show and shared her insights on the endorsements know how guidelines, the watch out and more. As a leading industry expert she provides important information about the influencer guidelines and new law that every social media influencer should know before they advertise or collaborate for affiliate marketing #influencerguidelines #endorsementknowhows #socialmediainfluencer #newlawforsocialmedia #celebrityendorsement

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January 12, 2023

“Air India initially tried to put a ‘diaper’ on the peeing incidence, covering it up and wishing it would not leak, rather than coming clean immediately,” said Shweta Purandare, Communications Expert and Content Creator

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December 13, 2022

Crossfire: Did Vim’s ‘Black’ adventure misfire?

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Zee Business Cover Story

October 4, 2022

In light of the significant financial and socio-economic risk for the consumers, especially youth and children, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has issued two Advisories, one for private television channels and the other for digital news publishers and OTT platforms, strongly advising them to refrain from showing advertisements of online betting sites and surrogate advertisements of such sites. Shweta Purandare was invited to provide her expert views on the surrogate advertisements of online betting betting platforms in the Zee Business Cover Story.

Business Standard - September 8, 2022

June 15, 2022

When asked about the impact on marketing spends of alcobev brands, Shweta Purandare, founder, Tap-a-Gain, calls the situation ‘funny’, because alcohol advertising is prohibited by law, but “this notification does not stop genuine brand extensions.” (Purandare is also an advertising compliance expert, and former secretary-general of ASCI and head of corporate communication and brand, Diageo.)Purandare feels that the CCPA will rely on the present guidelines of ASCI, which have been developed in collaboration with MIB. She also points out that the new guidelines are legally binding and now cover the realm of digital where alcohol brands freely advertised their wares.

Zee Business Interview

June 14, 2022

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has issued an advisory to print, electronic and digital media, asking them to stop showing advertisements of online betting platforms. Ad Compliance Expert Shweta Purandare was invited toshare her insights of the Gaming Advertisement landscape.

CNBC Awaaz Interview

June 10, 2022

Our founder and Ad Compliance Expert Shweta Purandare provides her sharp insights on the new guidelines for prevention of misleading advertisements and misleading endorsements.

Shweta Purandare, an advertising compliance expert and former secretary general of ASCI, felt the guidelines would rein in not only celebrity endorsers but also social media influencers.

“I see brand endorsements getting shaken and stirred with these guidelines by the government. ASCI is a self-regulatory body and has limitations in terms of its scope of work. With the government stepping in with these guidelines, endorsers as well as social media influencers will be careful when endorsing a brand,” she said.

June 10, 2022

MediaNews4U : Brands in Pride Month: In solidarity with the community or pride-washing for optics?

"Celebrating Pride Month is a very woke and sexy thing to talk about in internal and external communication, panel discussions, and inviting an (external!) LGBTQ+ influencer to speak at various forums. Often, it is more for employer branding and PR activities to attract talent behind the inclusion and diversity smokescreen. As you know, in reality, organisations are struggling to get and to retain even female employees, across their various management layers! LGBTQ+ hiring is another challenge to tackle. But talking about it on social media is great for optics,” observes Shweta Purandare, Founder of Tap-a-Gain, a boutique consultancy.To normalise LGBTQ+ at the workplace, one needs to see real life examples being showcased, put in the forefront all year round, contends the former ASCI Secretary General and Diageo executive. “Otherwise, this is only a rainbow-coloured balloon – all hollow and no substance,” adds Purandare.
May 18, 2022

Shweta Purandare, Founder of Tap-a-Gain and an Advertising Compliance Consultant stated that SEBI already had these guidelines in place for products like Mutual Funds. They are just extending it towards cryptocurrencies now.“SEBI, as a regulator, has similar guidelines in place for products such as mutual funds. They are now recommending extending it to cryptocurrency. I’m glad that the regulator has stepped in as the sector is unregulated at the moment. Celebrities have a huge influence on public opinion and decision-making. Without they themselves having the right knowledge about cryptocurrency, can celebrities endorse it? If you look at the advertisements that were running a few months ago, through the tag lines and claims, they were making it sound very easy and safe, almost guaranteeing good returns,” Purandare said.She, however, added that it remains unclear whether this also includes the use of financial influencers on social media, a trend which has been on the rise for a few years. “I wish like SEBI; a regulator also steps in to tackle the menace of surrogate advertising and celebrity endorsements therein. Both these sectors i.e. finance and health have a huge impact on consumers, so the move by SEBI is welcome. However, what remains to be seen is whether the definition of “famous personalities” also includes the social media ‘Fin-fluencers’ that we see around today, giving advice about crypto.”
February 7, 2022

Former ASCI secretary-general Shweta Purandare who now runs her agency Tap-a- Gain provides advertising regulatory compliance consultancy services, finds that the "ten minutes” delivery promise is quite clutter-breaking which takes on e-commerce giants like Amazon that has a two-hour delivery promise.“The advertiser (Zepto), in their website, has specified localities wherein such deliveries would be feasible. If e-commerce can tap into and leverage the local Kirana store network, it is a win-win-win for all - the consumer- mom and pop stores and the advertiser. Imagine if the same idea can be extrapolated to delivery of medical supplies/services/lab tests etc,” she points out.On a lighter note, Purandare says that the Zepto advertisement in no way implies that the delivery team will fly or jump signals to reach their destination. “Looks like the ads have forced competition to sit up and take note - and register a complaint! With the addition of appropriate disclaimer/s, the ads are 10/10,” she adds.

hpci India - August 2021

This is the age of social media platforms. Influencer marketers are ruling the roost and bringing a new energy and marketing edge to grow business in the HPCI segment. Shweta Purandare reveals more in this column

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The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) officially launched the influencer marketing guidelines that laid down ways in which influencers needed to be more transparent. Shweta Purandare, former Secretary General , ASCI sheds light on these guidelines that are designed to have a deep impact on influencer marketing.

COSMETECH - August 2021

Shweta Purandare launches ‘Tap-a-Gain’, a boutique consultancy service.

Tap-a-Gain will engage with advertisers, agencies, and small business owners to help them get their advertising communication “First time right” and compliant with regulations.

Brings Expertise, Experience and Excellence in a niche area.

June 7, 2021 MUMBAI -

Shweta Purandare has launched Tap-a-Gain, a boutique consultancy service.

Tap-a-Gain will engage with advertisers, agencies, and small business owners to help them get their advertising communication “First time right” and compliant with advertising regulations. With a stellar career in renowned companies and rich experience as the Secretary General of the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI), Ms Purandare promises to offer niche service in the world of advertising.

To set up Tap-a-Gain, Purandare quit Diageo India where she was heading Corporate Brand and Communications, overseeing External Communication, Internal Communication, Employer branding and Corporate brand presence on Digital and Social media.

Purandare is the former Secretary General of ASCI and steered its transformation over a period of eight years wherein MOUs were established with key regulators such as Department of Consumer Affairs, FSSAI, Ministry of AYUSH and interactions with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

Over her 28+ years career, Purandare gathered extensive experience in product evaluation, product endorsements, advertising claim support, regulatory compliance, Government affairs, Social Media strategy, Grievance redressal and consumer advisory services. Her experience spans over multiple sectors such as FMCG, Beautycare, Personal Hygiene, Home care, OTC/ Healthcare, Food and Beverages. She was also the Scientific Director at L’Oreal India heading their product evaluation Centre and Consumer Complaint department. She was a Regulatory Affairs expert at Procter & Gamble India.

Some of the services in the repertoire of Tap-a-Gain are –

  • Advertising and related Regulatory compliance,

  • Due Diligence for Celebrity endorsement

  • Due Diligence for Influencer advertising,

  • Digital and Social Media Compliance,

  • Claim Substantiation approach,

  • Corporate Communication and Social Media content strategy


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